Spirit of Bermondsey


Creators of unique lower alcohol spirits

Leading the lower alcohol revolution

Spirit of Bermondsey are a leading lower alcohol spirits company based in the heart of the old spice district of Bermondsey.

Starting out with the launch product of Trinity25, Spirit of Bermondsey are in the process of developing a wide range of lower alcohol spirit products around 25% ABV. With the mindset of why go no, when you can go low, Spirit of Bermondsey believe that having a lower alcohol content is the more enjoyable, realistic option than not drinking at all. Enjoyed as a long drink or an apéritif, the lower alcohol choice is the healthier, happier and classier way to drink. A new way of thinking, a new way of drinking.

Our work in Bermondsey


Striving to be a part of the Bermondsey “spirit”, we have a vision that is about giving back to the local community and being a change driver for the area.


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