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Proudly established in Bermondsey in 2019!

Trinity25 was founded as a culmination of Founder, Nick Johnson’s many passions, experiences and dreams.

For many years Nick advised global drinks brands on their market positioning strategies. When he moved to an old spice warehouse in North Bermondsey near to the Thames in Southwark, London he learnt of the area’s rich history and legacy as London’s 19th Century gateway to the world and was inspired to develop a drinks brand that was dedicated to the new world spices that flowed through the area from ships coming from throughout the globe.

Deciding to develop a drink that was simple and lighter to usual gins, Nick hit upon the lighter alternative to gin in the form of Spirit of Bermondsey’s first spirit Trinty25. At  25%ABV, Trinity25 brought together a “Trinity” of spiced botanicals (Cardamom, Coriander seed and Black Pepper) to provide the world with a sophisticated and fresh spirit that enthuses the excitement of the spice trade with a light alcohol drink that can be enjoyed neat, with tonic or in cocktails.

We are a new company but our plan is to put back into the community that we live in. We will do this in two ways:

• Every year we will give a share of profits to local community charities (if you are a local charity and would like to be considered, then please email our founder – [email protected])

• Once we’re established, we also want to set-up an apprentice scheme for people living in Bermondsey (watch this space for more details!)